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2. Solution Explorer: Solution Explorer is representing the project related files. This window has two important files:

     a. Assembly info.cs: This file is representing complete information about the assemblies. We will use this file when we working with assemblies.

      b. Program.cs: C#.Net class file extension will be ".cs"

VB.Net class file extension will be .VB

Class file can be contain collection of classes

Program.cs file is a C#.Net class file it is coming with a single class called program

Praogram class is representing with a method called main method.

Eg: To print a friendly Message:

    namespace consoleapplication1
     class program
            void main(---)
              Console.WriteLine(" Good Evening ")
Output: Good Evening

Console Class: Console is a pre-defined class definig by the microsoft.

WriteLine(): WriteLine() is apredefined member method of console class. This method wil print the given value on command prompt window after printing the value it wil move the cursor to next line.

    Class Console


In this above program we have last statement has Console.readLine. here, ReadLine is a member method of console class which is holding the output window until user will press an enter key.

In all the console application programs last statement shgould be console.ReadLine

Eg: To display 3 messages:

void main(---)
   Console.WriteLine("Welcome to C#.Net");
   Console.WriteLine("Welcome to console application");
   Console.WriteLine("Welcome to Sathya Technologies");
Output: Welcome to C#.Net
              Welcome to Console application
              Welcome to Satya Technologies




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