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How is .Net classes by R.N.Reddy sir ?
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40. Raasi   (2013-04-26 4:18 PM) E-mail
Hi sir,
How to create nested grid views?

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39. srikanth raju [srikanthraju]   (2013-02-16 10:10 PM) E-mail
can any one tell me the real time examples of overloading and overriding.

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38. BIKASH   (2012-06-20 1:46 PM) E-mail
Can any body tell how to change the back color of a form in by choosing the color from dropdown list.

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37. Neelam naidu Gorle [bluendu]   (2012-06-07 10:16 PM)
hi sir i am neelam naidu i am not able to attend your c# class since last 25 days

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36. Neelam naidu Gorle [bluendu]   (2012-06-07 10:14 PM)
cry how to write login form using sqlserver200

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35. Brahma   (2012-04-19 3:35 PM) E-mail
Dear Sir
This is Brahma I'm U r present batch student ... U r teaching is very well , u r language is easy to understand every student nice
Thank u sir

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34. Mahesh Chiluka [Mahesh]   (2012-03-03 9:07 PM)

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33. nagender reddy aredla [anreddy]   (2012-02-08 11:52 PM)
hi sir,
could u please update remaining notebook of c# and
in this blog

thank u

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32. mahender reddy [mahender526]   (2011-12-16 3:48 PM)
hi guys i had a doubt how can i hide a label backcolour if we use it on picture in windows forms
i.e.,how to include only text the fore ground of label control will be white by default but i want to include the background of label control with in the image

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31. Surendra KV   (2011-12-01 9:06 PM) E-mail
Hi Guys,

If you have any doubt regarding dotnet share with me....

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30. Surendra KV   (2011-12-01 9:05 PM) E-mail
Hey If you want any discussion share with me regarding dotnet. cool

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29. Jayadeep Bobba [Jay]   (2011-11-24 6:01 PM) E-mail

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28. Ravi   (2011-11-16 2:17 PM)
RN Reddy sir no:9866193194

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27. Vithal Darsipudi [Vittu]   (2011-10-25 6:15 PM)
hi friends

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26. T Kanakaraju Naidu [tknaidu]   (2011-09-21 1:53 AM) E-mail
Hi every guys, how are you? cry smile

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