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C#.Net is one of the .Net supporting languages.

The programming language which will support the below five concepts that programming language can be called as Object Oriented Programming Language.

OOPs Concepts:
    1. Class & Object
    2. Encapsulation
    3. Abstraction
    4. Inheritance
    5. Polymorphism

C++ & java are supporting the above five concepts due to that reason we can call them as object oriented progamming language.

C#.Net is also supporting the above five concepts due to that reason we can call C#.Net as Object Oriented Programming Language.

C#.Net is a case sensitive language.

Every statement should end with the semicolomn(;)

It supports block level programming every block will start with opening brace '{' and end with closing brace '}'.

Visual Studio .Net: Visual studo .Net is a pre-defined tool providing by the microsoft that means when we install the .Net software this tool is installing into over machines.

Visual studio .Net tool is providing development environment for .Net programmers.

This tool allows .Net programmers to develop various type of applications by using .Net supporting languages.

How to open anew console application ?
    First "Start"  ->  All programs  ->  Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

This will open visual studio .Net IDE(Integrating development Environment)

New Project: Create -> Project then it wil open new project window.

After that select languages C# & template as 'Console Application'. Now click 'ok' button. It will open a new console application development environment.

Using this development environment a programmer can develop console applications.

Console application developement environment will have two important windows:
    1. Code Window
    2. Solution Explorer Window

1. Code Window: Code window is representing code of the console application.

Using this skeleton code programmer can write his own code to develop a console appications.

Within the code window programmer wil write his code as per requirement.

Structure of console application:

By default console application will come with a single class called program class & this class will have a member method called Main method.

Main method: Main method is special type of function. The program execution starts by main method & stop by main method that means total program execution is contolling ny main method.




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