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01-12-2010 C#

Types of software applications:

Software applications are classified into various types based on the application behavior.
    1. Console Applications
    2. Window Applications
    3. Web Applications
    4. Web services
    5. Mobile Applications.

Using .Net technology we can develop all the above type applications.

1. Console Applications: Console applications are single user applications which will not depend on internet connectivity to function.

Console application will not have any user interface or any control.

Def: "Console Applications are light weight programs which will execute or run within the command prompt or window".

Eg: Testing applications.

2. Window Applications: These are single user applications,these applications will not depend on internet connectivity.

Window Applications will have a user interface called form and that form and that form we will decorate with the some controls as per our requirement.

Window Applications are form based standard desktop applications for common day to day transaction.

Form can be called as user interface, because it will accept input from the user and it will forward that input to the application & what ever result is providing by the application which will display to the user. In this way form will act as mediator between user & application.

Window applications are called as win forms or window forms or desktop applications or GUI(Graphical User Interface) based applications

Ex: MS-Word.

3. Web applications: Web applications are internet enabled applications, these applications will depend on internet connectivity to function.

Web applications are multi user applications which will have a user interface called web forms.

Web applications are programs that run inside some web server to fulfill the user request over the HTTP(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)

Web server is a residence for all websites, after we develop a web site we should install into some web server that process can be called as Web Hosting.

IIS(Internet Information Services or Server) is a Microsoft server.

Web browser is a software which allows the communication between user & web server

Http is a internet protocol whenever web browser wants to communicate web server it has to communicate with the help of http protocol.

Whenever web server will request for a web page to the web browser then web browser will forward that request to web server and web server will pick the requested web page and it will forward that web page to web browser. Once web browser received web page from the web server it will display that web page to the web user.

In .Net technology using ASP.Net we can develop web applications.


Web services: Web services are web applications only, they are providing services to other applications over the internet.

Mobile Applications: The application which is acting as a mediator between mobile user and mobile electronic device can be called as mobile applications.




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