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Eg: To display a message:

    <%@ language = "javascript"%>
    <% Response.Write("Welcome to ASP")

Every ASP file we should save within the webserver called IIS due to that reason we are creating a folder called "myfolder" within the below path.

Now, save the above code within "myfolder" with a name called  "name.asp".

Now, with this process we have saved our asp file called "name.asp" in the below path.

With this process we have saved "name.asp" within web server to run the "name.asp" we have to open internet explorer and we should write the path of the "name.asp" like below:

Here, satya is localhost andit represent the path of intepub\wwwroot

Eg: To redirect the user to ""
    <%@ language = "javascript"%>
        <% Response.Redirect("http:\\")

Eg: To display the greetings based on time
    <%@ language = "javascript"%>
        var mydate = new Date()
        var h = mydate.getHours()
        Response.Write("Today is " +mydate)
        Response.Write("Hours at present is " +h)
    if(h < 12)
        Response.Write("Good Morning")
        Response.Write("Good Day")
Output: Today is Thu Jan 6  18:53:26 UTC+ 05:30 2011
              Hours at present is 18
              Good Day


It is a server side technology introduced by the microsoft.

When microsoft is introducing the .Net technology in the year 2002, they have introduced ASP.Net has a server side technology. is not next release or next version of ASP, which is a next generation of ASP i.e., microsoft has introduced first server side technolgy as "ASP" & second server side technology as "ASP.Net".

ASP.Net is a part of .Nat frame work.

Using ASP.Net we can develop server side web pages.

ASP.Net code will execute within the web server called IIS.

The extension of the ASP.Net Webpage will be ".aspx"

Using ASP.Net we can develop below web applications.

    1. Normal web applications
    2. Web services
    3. Mobile applications
    4. AJAX web applications

A normal web page can be divided into two parts.
    1. Design part
    2. Logic part

1. Design part: It will have the html code, it will control the appearence of web page.

2.Logic part: It will have the bussiness logic. Here, we will implement the functions, procedures, events and database programming.

To develop a web application we can use a template called "ASP.Net web application".

While we are developing a wed application using ASP.Net again we have to use any one of the .Net suppoting language like C#.Net, VB.Net or C++ to implement the bussiness logic.

Web applications will have a user interface called web form or web page.




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