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16-12-210 ASP.Net


HTML is nothing but Hyper Text Markup Language, using Html we can create hyper text documents or web pages.

Using html we can control the appearance of web page.

Using html we can develop a static web page.

HTML is not a programming language, it is a markup language.

Each markup tags will  be enclosing with angular brackets

Most of the markup tags are paired tags that means it will have a opening tag & closing tag, but sme of the tags are mono tags.

      <tagname>    // Opening tag
                    </tagname>   //Closing tag


HTML document is acollection of predefined markup tags.

HTML is not a case sensitive technology.

Structure of Html program:

            <title> Title of web page </title>     // HEAD SECTION

                                                                 //BODY SECTION

Markup language is a collection of markup tags

1. <html>.....</html>:

    HTML document will starrt with opening html tag & it is ending with closing tag.

Html doument is executing by web browser. Whenever web browser will identify the html tag by that it will understand that is a html document.

Html document is dividing into 2 sections.

            1. Head Section
            2. Body Section

Html code we should write eith in the noteped

The extension of the html document is ".html"

2. <body>.......</body>:

      These tags are representing the Head section of html document.
      This head section will execute only on demand.
      Scripting we can add in both sections but the convinent place for scripting is head section.
      With in the head section we will have a one more tag called title like below.
      Whatever text we will write between the <title> & </title> that will display as title of the web page.



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