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Thread Support:

What is a Thread ?
    Thread is an independent execution path or code path it is able to run simultaneously with other threads.

What is multi-threading ?
    Implementing multiple threads simultaneously is called as multi threading.

What is the purpose of multi-threading ?
    To increase performance of the applications we go for multi-thread.

Thread support provides multi threading support to .Net applications.

Exception Manager:

What is an exception ?
    An exception can be defined as run-time error which can be because of an improper user input or improper design logic or system errors.

What is exception handling ?
    Handling the run-time errors by using try, catch and finally blocks can be called as exception handling.

What is the purpose of exception handling ?
    To avoid the abnormal program execution terminate we will go for exception handling.

Exception manager will provides exception handling facility to .Net application.

Type Checker: Which provides strict data type checking.

COM Marshaller: (Component Object Model) Which allows communication between COM components and .Net applications.

Security Engine: Which provides security to .Net applications.

Debug Engine: Which provides various types of debugging facility to .Net applications.

Base class library support: Which provides predefined class support to .Net applications.

Common language specifications(CLS):
    Common language specification is a set of language standards define by Microsoft for .Net languages.

Whenever a programming language wants to recognize as a .Net language it has to follow CLS standards.

CTS: (Common Type System)

Every .Net language will support its own data types due to that reason Microsoft defined CTS.

CTS is a subset of CLS.

CTS is aset of common data types defined by the Microsoft for all .Net languages.

Every .Net language has to map their data types to CTS.

Eg: VB.Net integer & C#.Net int is mapping with CTS data type called sys.Int32




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